Serene Focus Yoga Mats​



Serene Focus Yoga Mats​

Island Floral Two-Color Yoga Mat
Island Compass Rose Two-Color Yoga Mat

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Gentle Pond Compass Rose One-Color Yoga Mats

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Compass Rose Designs

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Serene Focus yoga mats help you stay aligned by using attractive artwork to guide your mind and body to the correct alignment. When they first see our products, most people say that they love the design before they even understand the functionality.


Our mats also incorporate visual markers (Drishti points) within the designs to help focus your attention, which improves balance and promotes a meditative state of mind.


Serene Focus decided early-on to not sacrifice quality in material. You will notice as soon as you pick up our mats that they are more dense than most mats on the market. This provides excellent cushion and a long product life.


​We use the most eco-friendly material that we could find. We are dedicated to promoting healthy products for you and the earth.

Alignment | Focus | Quality | Eco-Friendly

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Gentle Pond Floral Two-Color Yoga Mat

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Island Floral One-Color Yoga Mat
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“It has been an interesting evolution since I started practicing with these mats. To my surprise, I found my postures were not as aligned as I thought they were now that I have alignment references available.  In addition to alignment, having Focus points in a consistent place for me to fix my eyes has drawn me deeper in to my practice meditatively, and stabilized my balance postures.  The mats are attractive too!  As a Yoga teacher and experienced practitioner, these mats have enriched my practice.  Perhaps more importantly, beginners can now start their practice properly with the references they need.”

Rebecca Williams - Certified Yoga Instructor