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Serene Focus Yoga Mats are the artful creation of a functional mat that amplifies the quality and benefits of Yoga.

Unique to the market, Serene Focus Yoga Mats provide posture alignment guidance and focal (Drishti) points, used in combination, to Enhance Your Practice.  All of which are encompassed in a beautiful, fashion-influenced destination, your Serene Focus Yoga Mat.   It is the Marriage of Art, Science AND Fashion!

Alignment guidance, embedded in the designs, promote better postures.  Focal (Drishti) points, also embedded in the designs, stabilize balance and deepen concentration.  Serene Focus Yoga Mats take your practice to a new level of physical and mental benefit.

Serene Focus was founded in Austin, Texas with the charter to develop creative, original Yoga products, beginning with the Serene Focus Yoga Mat brand (patent pending).

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