​​Get Aligned | Stay Focused

Serene Focus Instructors Program

Yoga instructors commonly teach alignment and focus to bring out the best possible benefit from a Yoga practice.  Our goal is to deliver a fashionable mat that takes the physical and mental benefits of Yoga to an entirely new level by conveniently placing alignment references and focal points on each mat.

Through this program we will collectively build a community of instructors and practitioners dedicated to optimizing the practice of yoga.  The Serene Focus Instructor’s Program is designed to assist professional yoga instructors in teaching proper alignment and focus using the references provided on our mats. 

Authorized instructors share the benefits of Serene Focus yoga mats with students.  Serene Focus instructors have the opportunity to receive commission on product sales as a provider of Serene Focus products to students.  Authorized SF instructors may also have the opportunity to participate in photo shoots, social media communication, and product design.

Serene Focus Instructor’s Program Requirements

  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Promote the benefits of alignment and focus
  • Understand how to practice and instruct using SF Yoga mats
  • Practice with SF products
  • Provide photos or videos for use on our web site
  • Participate in social media communications as you feel comfortable
  • Complete application for approval

Serene Focus Instructor’s Program Benefits

  • Generate additional income with 25% discount on SF Products
  • Authorized SF instructors will be listed on our web site
  • First to be notified of new product announcements
  • Opportunity to influence new product development
  • Personally experience the benefits of proper alignment and focus
  • Satisfaction of sharing the benefits of proper alignment and focus with students

How the Serene Focus Instructor’s Program Works

  • Complete the SF Instructor’s Program Application
  • Once approved, purchase SF Instructors Kit ($20)
    • Includes: mat, block and cards with your personal ID for placing orders
    • Orders placed online with your ID will generate a monetary commission account specific to you, and a commission check will be issued quarterly.