Why It Works

Serene Focus Design Philosophy

When it came to Product Design decisions at Serene Focus Yoga, keeping in mind today’s Design trends, our goal was to design a mat that is personal, attractive, and beneficial to your practice both physically and mentally.  Our path became Look, Feel and Function.

We first considered the most common aspects of virtually all Yoga mats on the market today, eco-friendly material and thickness.  Frankly, that was the easy part. 

The next question was how do we incorporate beauty and function as defined by today’s top designers?  That was the hard part! 

Fashion influence became the driver for an attractive mat with respect to color and graphic design.  The practice of Yoga itself became the driver of function, primarily alignment and focus, which are the two most important aspects of a quality Yoga experience.

After numerous painstaking revisions considering fashion color trends, graphic designs, feel, and function, the Serene Focus Yoga mat was formed.  The result is a fashion-influenced mat with respect to color, color contrast, and graphics.  And, uniquely hidden within the graphics are spatial alignment and focus references to Enhance Your Practice.  Mission Accomplished!

Try one today and experience the difference a Serene Focus mat can make.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.  Design is also how it works.”    
                                                                            Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Apple.